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We would like to thank @RealKateDavies for #showreelshareday! An amazing movement, and exposed us to so many reels we wouldn't have otherwise seen!


#Showreelshareday just took No1 trend on twitter!!" MARC ZAMMIT

Congratulations your hugely successful showreel share day that you organised on twitter, January 11th 2017.

I personally gained so much from taking part, namely; I added over 50 followers on the day (and still rising!) A lot of these are prominent and serious industry players. I learned so much more about using twitter as a marketing tool.

With linked social media accounts Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc the coverage was of the event reached even more people. I trimmed my own reel to a much better working model (because I had to!) And it was great fun!

I lost count of how many people I retweeted on the day but have gained many new friends and colleagues due to this.

Very well done Kate and here's to the next one!!


#Showreelshare day was fantastic, it showed how much other actors were willing to support eachother. I had thousands of people view my reel and I also discovered some actors I would like to cast in films I am involved with on the production side."


"Nearly 18,000 views! Over 4,000 since yesterday thanks to the lovely Kate Marie Davies and her brilliant #showreelshareday. Thanks Kate! Xx"


Really well done on orchestrating another brilliant ™Showreelshareday!

You made the lead up to the actual day really engaging for people, whether like me, who had been part of the 1st day or for new comers. The information shares about format etc were super helpful. Watching the day itself unfold was incredible. The level of engagement with folk sharing and celebrating the work of others was truly inspiring.What did I personally get from the day? Well it was twofold..Firstly that I gained connections with more industry folk on twitter, my showreel shared multiple times and the knowledge that my work is out there across a wider network for casting directors and production companies to see. Secondly that I was able to pay forward by watching and sharing the work of so many talented fellow actors/directors/creatives. The collaborative positivity that events like Show reel share day create Kate is so very important. We truly are stronger as an industry if we share and support each other. I believe in that passionately.

So very glad to share this beautiful journey with like minded folk like yourself. 2017 we are coming for you! Best of everything to you lovely 

I would just like to take this moment, to say thank you so much for creating the showreel share day event on twitter. It was such a fabulous online event to take part in, and the media coverage I received was amazing.

It's wonderful that it brings together all actors, and performers into one community, and all help support and appreciate each other.

It was also a wonderful opportunity to be seen by many leading talent agencies too. 

I hope you do the same again next year. It was great fun and we'll worth the effort.


Hello! From #showreelshareday creator, actress Kate Marie Davies.
I have designed this site in order to make the life of actors, filmmakers and industry contacts a little bit easier.
​#showreelshareday is a tag used on Twitter that involved actors sharing their showreels online and an opportunity to showcase their work to the top agents, casting directors and creators in the film industry (as well as making new friends and important contacts). 
We have successfully managed to get the tag trending on Twitter several times and guaranteed an audience of over 100,000 viewers for your work, just by being involved.
The service is completely free for all actors to take part in, this page will be your hub to learn a few tips on how to get your work online and how we can work together to increase your chances of being seen. I will keep updating with anything I learn along the way as well as advice on how to get your showreels together on a super tight budget! I do offer a paid service if you'd like to book me for a (1:1) chat over Skype for any online help service (including line-running and rehearsals or reading in for your casting tapes). I will offer recommendations on showreel services so that you can get your work up and running in a way that is proven to get more attention on the big day. 
The next #showreelshareday will be on 19th July 2017




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